Naples, Pompeii & the Amalfi Coast: Kayak & Discovery Tour (KWNA8)
Comfort level
8 Days
Starting from: € 1590


Explore the Amalfi Coast by kayak and on foot

The Amalfi Coast is definitely is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, an intriguing mix between an overwhelming natural environment and cultural heritage. The blue waters of the Mediterranean are dominated here by the Europe’s steepest coastline, rising up to almost 1500 m. (4500 feet).

But it’s not only rocky cliffs that you’ll encounter on this trip: the patient labour of generations has transformed the steep mountain slopes into a cascade of terraced lemon groves & vineyards. And with charming villages, chapels and other sites of cultural interest scattered all over. Its dramatic coastline offers wonderful views, different every step you take, and every metre you paddle….

The smell of rosemary and citrus trees fills the air, fields of multicoloured roses overwhelm the eyes and sandy beaches are magical to the touch. It offers an extraordinary palette of colours, with deep azure skies, white limestone cliffs, deep blue seas, and bright citrus orchards lit by the dazzling Mediterranean sun. This intoxicating sensual feast inspires a celebration of the goodness of life itself.

Paddling along the coastline of Amalfi offers you an opportunity to experience a blend of nature and architecture like no other. The view from the waterline highlights the dramatic cliffs and amazing terraced landscape, the amazing mix of natural wonders and ingenuity and craftsmanship of generations. Your vision will blur as you focus on the wonderment of history displayed along this amazing stretch of coastline.

Highlights include the stops in the amazing ‘Fjord’ of Furore (‘Furor’), in the charming fishing village of Cetara, and on the isolated beaches around beautiful Positano.

Another highlight, but this time on land, will be our hike along the stunning ‘Sentiero degli Dei’ (‘Footpath of the Gods’), one of the world’s finest day walks.

But it is not only the scenery of the Amalfi Coast, also the rest of the Bay of Naples region which is fascinating. Not without reason the Romans tagged it their ‘Campania Felix’. The blue waters of the Mediterranean are dominated here by the world’s most famous volcano, Mount Vesuvius (Italian: Vesuvio), the only volcano on the European mainland to have erupted within the last hundred years, but best known for its eruption in AD 79 that led to the destruction of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, a must for history buffs – and everybody else.

On this amazing kayaking adventure you will discover that with reason the Amalfi Coast has become Italy’s most famous coastline, but as well that it takes only a little effort to get ‘off the beaten track’. At only a few hundred metres away from the crowds, you will find yourself surrounded by nature. On this tour we take you beyond the crowded beaches, and you’ll be lying on isolated beaches and paddling alone with the seagulls…. In short, you’ll discover the real Italian paradise.


Please note: this is a moderately easy tour which is suitable for all those who have just some experience with sea kayaking and a good general physical condition. Kayaking times:  approx 4-5 hours each day.



Day 0 Arrival in Naples
Arrival in Naples, in case you arrive a day earlier. Several hotels can be booked in Naples, ranging from 3 to 5-star, either ‘downtown’ centrally located, or near the harbour or train station.
N.B. If you arrive one day earlier in Naples you have the possibility to pay a visit to the world famous archaeological museum, where all the artefacts from Pompeii and Herculaneum are exposed, and/or the equally wonderful Capodimonte museum. Also is it possible to make a day trip to Ischia or Capri.

Day 1 Arrival – Naples
Benvenuti a Naples!
Depending on your inbound travel arrangements, you will be met by our (optional) taxi service either at the Airport or Train Station and shuttled to your hotel, in the heart of the city. You will be welcomed by your Tour Leader here, and have time to fresh up and settle in your room.
We will all meet our Tour Leader and the rest of the group will welcome you today in the Hotel Bar the late afternoon for an ‘aperitivo’ and the chance to get to know each other. We will then go for a short stroll through the colourful streets of Naples, soaking up its unique atmosphere. In the evening we eat all together in the nice restaurant near the hotel.

Accommodation: Naples – Meals included: 1 ‘aperitivo’, 1 dinner

Day 2 Along Mt. Vesuvius & Pompeii to the Amalfi Coast
This morning we travel south and drive up to Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that with the fatal eruption of 79 AD completely destroyed the bustling city of Pompeii. We make an amazing roundwalk here, completely different from the standard visit to the Vesuvius (and normally closed to the public), which makes you feel in a completely different world! The walk takes us along the impressive volcanic phenomena to be seen around the crater: lava flows, pumice fields and grotto’s and the amazing ‘Valley of the Giant’, culminating in a walk to the top. The literal ‘high’ light is a spectacular detour, led by a specialist volcano guide, which will take us right around the crater rim and up to the highest point at 1281 metres (4000 feet), from where we have the very best view of the Bay of Naples, one of the panoramic wonders of the world. We then descend, and we can have a relaxed lunch on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, before travelling down to Pompeii, considered to be the world’s most fascinating ruins. A visit to Pompeii gives you an amazing insight into the life of a Roman city, especially when walking along its chariot-marked back streets. You will be captivated by the exceptional frescoes to be found throughout the city or by the opulence of the villas, with their atriums and charming peristyles, owned by the rich and influential of the day. Visit the amphitheatre as well as the Villa of Mysteries with its masterpiece frescoes depicting the secret Dionysus rites, the Roman Forum and basilica, temples, public baths, and the tiny Odeon created for music recitals. What is less known to many is that also the city of Pompeii is definitely worth the detour, if alone for its amazing sanctuary. We will go for a stroll here and then have an ‘aperitivo’ to look back on a great day. Then we drive on by private coach to the Amalfi Coast. The bus brings us to the charming small fishing harbour at Cetara, one of the most authentic spots on the Amalfi Coast.

You settle in your beautiful hotel, just outside the village, overlooking the whole Bay of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast, and at literally a few steps from the beach, where you can already go for a first swim – if energy levels still permit after this great first day! Or you can opt for a relaxed ‘aperitivo’ on the beach. In the evening we eat all together in the nice restaurant of our hotel, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Accommodation: Cetara – Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 dinner

Day 3 Cetara & Vietri sul Mare
In the morning we will first have a great breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean and then we walk down to our beach. Here we will outfit everyone with paddle and PFD and offer some basic kayaking instruction. Then we thoroughly check again all our gear, before going for our first kayaking day trip. There are many available options for the day, according to your level of interest, paddling skills, and of course the weather! Today we’ll start paddling in eastern direction. The coastline here is a stupendous alternating scenery, ranging from impressive bare cliffs, to terraced lemon groves and isolated small beaches. We’ll make a first stop on a small beach with a fresh water source, and then continue towards Vietri sul Mare, famous for its ceramics, where we can make a short ‘biscuit stop’ (a drink and a snack). We’ll then paddle around the ‘Due Fratelli’, two isolated rocky islands which are the symbol of Vietri. Those who want can opt to peddle towards Salerno. We will have a beautiful view on the city & the mountain scenery behind it from the red light house. We can even opt to go ashore at the beach of Santa Teresa, only a few steps away from the beautiful historical centre. We will have a picnic lunch on a nice beach between Vietri and Cetara and then we paddle slowly back to our hotel, where we still have some time for a swim or a drink on the beach, or just some relaxation. Those who want can go and get their aperitivo in the small little town of Cetara itself (and go for a short stroll through the colourful streets), or paddle on to the beautiful small hamlet of Erchie, a favorite among the local kayakers. In the evening we go out for dinner together in a nice restaurant in the medieval town centre of Cetara.

Accommodation: Cetara – Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 picnic lunch, 1 dinner

Day 4 Cetara – Capo d’Orso – Amalfi
We’ll get an early start as the day’s sea kayaking will take us along one of the most famous stretches of coastline in Italy, with our final destination being the heart of the Amalfi Coast, the beautiful city of Amalfi itself! We start paddling along the amazing coastline in western direction today.
The first small village we pass is Erchie, a small hamlet of just a few houses dominated by a medieval watchtower, and a beautiful beach, perfect for a short biscuit stop and a swim. We then continue along the rocky shore, exploring many sea grottos and land on isolated beaches. High above us we’ll notice the sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Avvocata, while we approach one of the most pristine areas of the Amalfi Coast, the amazing headland of Capo d’Orso. This area will surprise you with its many sea grotto’s and small waterfalls. We round the cape and then have lunch on the beautiful beach of Cavallo Morto. After that we can visit the Pandora grotto sea grotto and have a coffee on a beautiful small beach. Now we enter the real ‘Heart’ of the Amalfi Coast, with a number of beautiful coastal villages and Ravello and its beautiful ‘hanging’ gardens high above the coast.
We paddle past Maiori and we can go ashore in the beautiful small town of Minori, where we can taste it’s famous ‘Delizia al Limone’. Here we have some time to stroll through its narrow streets and have a drink on its wonderful town square. Before landing at Amalfi we can perhaps make a last stop in Atrani, perhaps the best preserved village of the Amalfi Coast. From here Amalfi is only a mile away.
Arriving in Amalfi we dock our kayaks and can enjoy some relaxation in our centrally located hotel, in the heart of the historical centre, and at literally two steps from the beach. You could also opt to go for a short stroll through the colourful streets, or maybe make another dive into the sea. In the evening we then all join for a great evening meal. We are picked up by private boat and brought to a nice restaurant located in a beautiful little bay nearby. After dinner we travel back to our hotel in Amalfi, gliding by boat over the glorious Mediterranean.

Accommodation: Amalfi – Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 picnic lunch, 1 dinner

Day 5 Amalfi – Fiord of Furore – Praiano – Positano
Today’s sea kayaking will take us along one of the most famous stretches of coastline in Italy, with our final destination being the enchanting city of Positano! Our first destination will be the colourful village of Conca dei Marina, dominated by the impressive monastery of Santa Rosa, high above it.
We paddle along an amazing coastline with lemon groves & vineyards, and beautiful little villages, suspended halfway the water and the sky. Past the villa of Sofia Loren we reach a beautiful beach for some relax. Then we paddle around the headland of Conca, with its medieval ‘Saracen’ watch tower. Our next destination is the amazing ‘Fjord’ of Furore, where we will enjoy a coffee break, in between the coloured fishing boats. Those who want can take a short walk, to discover the small hamlet (which has been the set for several movies) and the amazing scenery of the fjord.
Then we continue along the coast in western direction. Some short stops will be enjoyed at some of the many water access ports along the coast, like Marina di Praia or the beautiful, isolated, beaches between Praiano and Positano, places where the likes of Liz Taylor and Jackie Kennedy had a good time back in the sixties. We’ll have lunch at one of the nice restaurants along the way. Arriving in the elegant and cosmopolitan Positano, we will dock our kayaks on the large beach underneath our hotel. You will now have the time for a swim or some relaxation in our comfortable hotel. Or you can take the chance to explore the steep city streets and wander up into the hillside grabbing a bird’s eye view of the water below. Tonight we’ll celebrate our accomplishments with another wonderful dinner experience, on the premises of our hotel, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Accommodation: Positano – Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner

Day 6 Positano & its many beaches
Today we’ll discover the amazing coastline west of Positano. Although Positano has become one of the most sought-after resorts in Italy, due to its geography it has maintained a larger number of ‘hidden treasures’, like a number of wonderful small isolated beaches, which can only be reached on foot or by water. There have been counted about 20 of these small beaches, which we can virtually have for ourselves. We’ll paddle in western direction, past the beautiful watchtower of Clavel, towards the headland of Punta Germano, where we’ll paddle into a number of beautiful grottos. In front of us we’ll see the rocky islands of the Sirens, with the backdrop of Capri. Experienced kayakers, who wish to make a paddling loop around these wonderful islands, can take the opportunity. While in Greek times the islands were believed to be the home of the Sirens, until recently they belonged to the late Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev.
Those who wish can take the opportunity to continue peddling towards the little inlet of Marina di Crapolla, where it is believed that Saint Peter embarked on its way to Rome. Its small pebbly beach with crystal clear water, the remains of the old fishing village, the small chapel and the Roman Villa just above it, make it a unique spot for a short break Others might wish to relax some time on one of the beaches. We can have a picnic lunch on the beautiful beach of Tordigliano. Or we can opt to return earlier to Positano and have a great (fish) lunch in one of the beach restaurants. Back in Positano, we will have some time to stroll through its narrow ‘Moresque’ streets, do some shopping, or just have a drink on its sea front boulevard. In the evening we then all join for a great evening meal and raise our glasses to perhaps our best kayaking adventure ever. After dinner we might decide to make a short stroll along the amazing coastline and go for a drink together.

Accommodation: Positano – Meals included: 1 breakfast, 1 dinner

Day 7 Along the ‘Sentiero degli Dei’ down to Positano. Boat trip along the coast to Amalfi
We end this superb week with ‘one of the world’s greatest hikes’, according to many guide books. We start the day with a boat trip to Amalfi . There is time for private exploration before we take the bus. Along a panoramic road, high above the coast, we then drive to the village square of Bomerano, where we can take a coffee and buy some sandwiches. Then we start walking along one of the most famous footpaths of the area, the ‘Footpath of the Gods’. This path really lives up to its name, suspended between the sky and the Mediterranean. It winds through unique scenery, with unrivalled views over the coast and sea. A few hours we will be walking along some of the most spectacular scenery of the whole Amalfi Coast, until we reach the charming small hamlet of Nocelle. Here we can have a good lunch in a nice restaurant, with amazing views over Positano and the Amalfi Coast (in alternative we can have a great ‘picnic with a view’ along the route). Passing another spectacular valley we then arrive in the little village of Montepertuso. After that it’s only a short walk downstairs to Positano, one of the most charming villages of the Amalfi Coast, an almost vertical town of colourful buildings reached by a network of ancient paths and tracks. We stroll through its small, almost oriental alleys, and perhaps have a swim or a drink on one of its many pleasant terraces. In the evening we are free to choose our venue from a large choice of restaurants, ranging from simple pizzeria’s to exclusive restaurants. Enjoy your last nice ‘Positano meal in a relaxed atmosphere; the perfect end for this great week on the Amalfi Coast.

Accommodation: Positano – Meals included: 1 breakfast

Day 8 Positano
The tour ends in Positano after breakfast today (unless you booked an extension – extra days available upon request). You can easily make your own way from Positano to Salerno or Naples, either by boat or bus. A taxi transfer can be arranged on request.

Day Itinerary & Activities Distance ↑ & ↓
1 Arrival in Naples. Introduction walk. Naples – – –
2 Walk Vevusuvius. Visit Pompeii.
Kayakaking introduction.
Cetara 3-6 km. – – –
3 Paddling between Cetara, Vietri sul Mare & Salerno
(round trip)
Cetara 6 – 16 km.
(many options possible)
– – –
4 Paddling from Cetara to Amalfi,
along Maiori & Minori
Amalfi 16 km. – – –
5 Paddling from Amalfi to Positano,
along Furore & Praiano
Positano 14 km. – – –
6 Paddling along Positano’s great coastline
(round trip)
 Positano  10 – 16 km.
(many options possible)
 – – –
7 Walk ‘Sentiero degli Dei’  Positano  10 km.  – – –
6 Departure from Positano  – – –

Tour details



All nights are spent in beautiful, characteristic hotels, mostly historical buildings (generally 3/4-star; 4/5-star on some departure dates). All rooms have en-suite facilities.

Accommodation is on B&B basis, in all accommodations. All evening meals are included, for which we have selected the best available restaurants.

Almost all (picnic) lunches are included in the tour price. Only on two kayaking days (Vietri & Positano) you are free to have your own lunch. Here you have the option to have your lunch in a nice restaurant, or purchase your supplies for a picnic lunch. The same for the sightseeing and the walking day: or picnic or restaurant.

Night 1 : The first night is spent in Naples. Our accommodation is a 3-star hotel in an amazing palace, in the heart of the historical centre.

Nights 2 & 3: These two nights are spent in a beautiful 4-star hotel, just outside the charming fishing village of Cetara, in a beautiful position, overlooking the whole Bay of Salerno: the hotel has its own beach.

Night 4: This night is spent in Amalfi, the ancient capital of the Amalfi Coast. Our recently renovated 4-star hotel is located in a great position, right in the historical heart of the city at only a few metres from the sea shore.

Nights 5, 6 & 7: The last three nights you stay in the romantic & fashionable little village of Positano, with its characteristic houses built onto the steep slopes of the mountains. You stay either in a comfortable 3-star hotel, right on the beach, or in a bigger 4-star hotel. Both hotels are centrally located, at walking distance from the seashore, shops and all main monuments.



• Private English speaking tour leader
• Professional guiding service for each activity
• Accommodation:
1 night Naples,
2 nights Cetara,
1 night Amalfi,
3 nights Positano in good ***/**** hotels
• Local tourist taxes
• Meals: 7 breakfasts, 6 dinners, 3 lunches
• All private & public transfers as indicated throughout the entire itinerary
• Rental of high-quality sea kayaks
• Group equipment and technical gear for each activity
• Entrance fees of all sites along the itinerary
• Special activities as outlined in the day by day itinerary
• 24/24 h local assistance
• Luggage transport
• All gratuities for baggage, porters & hotel service


• Departure taxes & Visas
• Travel Insurance
• Drinks and meals not mentioned in the itinerary
• Optional additional tours or activities
• Tips
• Items of a personal nature


Moderate (level 2):

This tour is suitable for those who have some basic experience with sea kayaking. Our very helpful guides/instructors will work with you to help you expand your skills and take on new challenges. You’ll encounter a few short open water crossings, but the waters of the Mediterranean at Amalfi are usually calm. On most days shorter options are available (as well as occasional extensions for the more experienced sea kayakers).

Fitness: High standard of fitness is not necessary but you should be able to paddle for up to 4-5 hours.



Arrival: The tour starts in CETARA. The nearest city with an international airport is NAPLES. The nearest big city is SALERNO, very well connected with Rome and all other major Italian cities by a frequent (high speed) train service. A taxi pick-up service can be arranged either from Salerno, or Naples airport or train station.

Departure: The tour ends in POSITANO. A frequent boat or bus service can bring you to either Sorrento or Salerno, from where you travel to your next destination (Naples and Rome can easily be reached by train). Several taxi services are available to bring you directly to your next destination.


It is possible to include extra nights at the beginning or the end of the tour. The tour can easily be extended with a few days in Naples or Salerno, or on the Amalfi Coast or a few days on the island of Capri (see below).

Dates & Prices


There are no scheduled departures (yet) for this tour for 2019, but on request a tour can be planned at any date for private groups. Just contact us!

N.B. For this tour tailor-made private departures (for groups of minimum 4 persons) can be planned on any date. Availability & prices on request. Prices start from 1290 euro p.p., depending on the season and number of persons in your private group. It is then also possible to opt for small changes in the itinerary, or request an upgrade or cheaper accomodations. Special luxury departures can be planned on request.

Also in case you are alone or with the two-of-you, we can guarantee you a great Kayaking, Hiking and Discovery Tour by adding a few extra daysof walking & sightseeing to our best-selling kayaking tour ‘The ‘Path of the Sea Gods’ – Kayaking from Cetara to Amalfi & Positano’ (KAMA 6 – ), integrated with a few stunning walks and some sightseeing.

The walks are very easy to find and we do therefore recommend to do the walks ‘self-guided’. This means that you will walk without a guide, but with our very detailed Route Notes and Maps.

This makes it also more flexible for you to do more or less hiking or sightseeing, either before or after the tour. We can, based upon your flight schedule, adapt the tour exactly to your needs, and build a great  ‘bespoke adventure for you!

Please contact us for the latest prices
AvailablePlaces available. You can book this tour with a minimum of 1 person.
GuaranteedGuaranteed Departure. Still some places available.
LimitedThere are a very limited number of available places on these dates. Immediate booking is recommended.
On RequestAvailability and prices on request.
Fully Booked. Departure closedFully Booked. Departure closed.
  • Prices are per person and based on 2 people sharing double or twin accommodation.
  • Single rooms (mostly double rooms - single use) are available on all trips. The supplements listed apply.
  • Prices are expressed in Euro's. There will never be a currency surcharge.
  • Actual exchange rates: GB £ - US $ - CAN $ - CHF - DKK - SEK - NOK - Other currencies.

Tour variations


It is possible to include some extra nights before or after your tour, in any of the accommodations ‘en route’. For those who love to do some more hiking, a few extra days in Amalfi are strongly recommended. Some of the world’s most beautiful walks (including a walk & visit to Ravello) can be done from here.

At the beginning or the end of the tour there is the also the opportunity to dedicate some more time to Naples (a unique city and a good base for visiting Capri. Also in SALERNO (a nice city and a good base for visiting Paestum), or ROME several good accommodations are available. Details & prices on request.


On our ‘standard tours’ we provide accommodation in very good, mostly 3-to 4-star hotels, with the best possible price/quality ration. On some dates however it is possible to book an upgraded version of this tour, staying in luxurious 4- or 5-star hotels. For this tour also a ‘budget version’ is available. Please ask us for details.


A shorter, 4- or 6-day version of this tour is also available (only kayaking), as well as longer tours.

This tour can be extended to the very western tip of the peninsula – and from there make the crossing to Capri! Especially recommended for experienced sea kayakers! See also our other Kayaking tours.


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