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GENIUS LOCI TRAVEL Kayaking Tours – Rental kayaks 2019 (example)

All our kayaks are exclusively used for our kayaking tours only – no kayaks are rented out for day trips, which means they are always close to brand-new and in perfect state.

For all our kayaking tours we offer high end 5,15 m (17 feet)  ‘plastic’ sea kayaks  (such as Furano / Rainbow Laser / Prijon and similar). These have proven to be the best kayaks to ‘tackle’ the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre & Cilento, allowing effortless access to small rocky beaches, sea grotto’s, and small harbours. All kayaks are completely checked before each tour.

All our kayaks have two big hatches, plus one day hatch. They can be equipped with rudders (on request). On request, we can also provide double kayaks. All kayaks come equipped with spray skirts, paddles, PFDs, and other paddling accessories.

We can provide several typs of PFD’s in different sizes (please indicate your length), as well as several types of paddles (see below).



Please note that the types of kayaks can differ slightly from the ones described below. We use different gear in the different regions, and buy continuously new kayaks, in order to be able to give you the newest gear and the best quality/price ratio.

A word about paddles

For our kayaking tours you may want to bring your own PFD & paddles – but this is not necessary. From our experience this might prove more expensive and complicated. On request we can provide all kinds of high quality (carbon) paddles, of the best brands: Werner, Prijon, Cannon….

Please contact us for available paddles.

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