Professional Guiding & Maps

Genius Loci Travel is not ‘just’ a professional tour operator, our geographer’s background shows also in the information you get on our tours.

On our small group Sea Kayak Adventures you can rely on our well-trained local guides. They have all the necessary certificates to guarantee your safety (FICK, FICT and ‘Sottocosta’).

Moreover, our guides live in the regions you travel to, leading the way and facilitating ‘insider access’ every step of the way.  They open doors wherever you travel and present a local’s perspective on the people, places, and regional cultures. They can help you to understand the country in-depth, as they speak the language, can read the menus, understand the day-to-day world around them, offer insights into the history and culture, and above all are passionate about their homeland!

But as many people like maps, to keep track of the route and to take a copy home, we provide all clients on our group tour also with general maps of the area you are visiting.

And if I book an independent self-guided tour ?
Genius Loci Travel is the specialist for self-guided walking & cycling tours in Italy and the first tour operator to offer self-guided sea kayaking tours. These tours are available only for those who have the necessary experience (& certificates to prove it !).

On our independent ‘self-guided’ tours you will get our exclusive set of “Route Notes & Maps”. This pack contains:

  • 1 Set of our exclusive Route Notes, i.e. the description of your tour ‘step by step’; these include written route directions, as well as all necessary information on the daily organisation (including arrival and departure information), as well as tips for sightseeing, dining etc.
  • Copies of the best available maps (scale 1: 25.000 or bigger), which together cover the whole area of your holiday, with your selected route clearly indicated. Mostly you get a map in the handy A4-format for each day (2 for some days). For our sea-kayaking tours these maps are of course plastified.
  • Original, very detailed maps (up to scale 1: 5000), where available;
  • Small guides to the area, its sights & monuments.
  • Timetable of public transport services (boats, trains & buses), where necessary.


One more word about maps….
Many books have been written on Italy, and many tourist guides are available to plan your journey. Maps are another story though!  For many regions of Italy simply no good walking maps are available. The national geographical institute (IGM – still military!) does publish good 1: 25.000 maps, a scale perfect for walking tours, but in many regions these haven’t been updated for the last decades… In the Alps private companies have published a number of very good maps, and also some national & regional parks have published some good material, but especially for many southern regions the perfect map has yet to be published. Moreover, many existing so-called ‘walking maps’ are just not reliable….
We therefore prepare our maps on purpose for each specific tour, basing ourselves on the best available walking maps of the area, on which your itinerary is clearly visible.
Maps are usually in scale 1: 25:000, for our walking & kayaking tours, while for cycling we also use maps in scales 1: 50.000 to 1: 200.000. More detailed maps for specific areas are also provided).  Be assured that you get the best available maps & info for your tour!
We are map makers ourselves !

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