Sea Kayak Tours along Italy’s Coasts & Islands

Genius Loci Travel offers a large range of kayak tours, which offer the best selection of sea kayak routes around Italy.

Of course most tours are along the amazing Amalfi Coast, which we believe is one of the most amazing areas for a sea kayaking trip ! An amazing coast with stunningly beautiful, glamorous, villages, but as well empty beaches.

Some trips are for everybody, other trips are more challenging. Some trips focus just on the sea-kayaking, some are mixed with other activities, taking in some amazing walks and some sightseeing ‘musts’. You make the choice!

Most groups are group tours, with set departure dates, but we also offer some of these tours as so-called ‘self-guided’ tours. Independent does not mean unsupported, though! On independent tours it is nice to know that our local staff is always available, and just a phone call away.

And of course it is always possible to organise a tailor made trip, especially for you !

Check out our great offer of Sea Kayak Tours in Italy !

Why a Kayak tour with Genius Loci Travel?
One of the strengths of Genius Loci Travel is the design of each tour. A Genius Loci tour  takes you along carefully selected routes, making sure that you see the best that each area has to offer, with an optimal mix between activities (walking & kayaking) sightseeing, culture & nature.
According to the area, and on the kind of tour you choose, on some tours the focus is more the kayaking, on others also on the walking & the cultural aspects. But all our tours provide the best possible mix between culture & nature. Not one single day is the same on our tours!

Type of tour
Our tours find the right balance between continuous walking routes and those that are centrally based. Usually you change accommodation  about every 2/3 days on our tours. This avoids the hassle of having to change hotel every day, while allowing you to follow a continuous route through the area, without having to travel each day to the start of your  walk.
On our independent tours, you are free to follow the route at your own pace. We transport your luggage, so you don’t need to carry much more than your camera, water and perhaps a picnic lunch. You can leisurely enjoy your day knowing that your baggage will be waiting for you at your next accommodation.
Each of our tour programmes is flexible, you can normally start your walk on any day during the season, and you can add on extra days where and when you desire, for resting or sightseeing, as well as to opt for tour extensions in nearby areas.

We are proud of our selection of accommodations. As stated by some of our clients: one of our strengths lies in the careful selection of the right accommodation for the type of tour, the type of clients and the type of area. Not the obvious places, but small, well-situated, often family-run places, with a personal welcome. Our accommodations are often small hotels, but can be wonderful Bed & Breakfasts (yes, this is the Italian word!), as well as agriturismo’s, rural accommodations, which are often real countryside relais.  All are chosen for their accessibility to the trail and for the warmth of their welcome.  Many are located in historical buildings or placed in exceptional spots. All give you the feeling of being truly in Italy, and not in just another hotel anywhere in the world. All represent the best price/quality ratio the area offers and they all employ local people.
On the whole and for these reasons we try to avoid chain and big name hotels. Many of our hoteliers are walkers themselves and take an active and helpful interest in our clients’ progress. Most of the places we have been using for years and we have a good working relationship with the owners. On most of the tours you will find that accommodations will vary somewhat within the hospitality quality grades, which adds a touch of character to the region or the country that they are passing through.

Check out our great offer of Sea Kayak Tours in Italy !

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