Special Offers

Genius Loci Travel does always offer very good value for money, so usually we do not have any ‘special offers’ – simply because we cannot afford to lower our prices !

We are proud to state that our tours have the best possible price/quality ratio around, making this kind of sea-kayaking adventures accessible to many.

On some occasions though, it can be possible to offer you a further discount. Working closely with our suppliers, including hotels and transport companies, we are sometimes able to offer some savings on our tour prices. On some dates it is possible to book different (cheaper)accomodations, lowering the cost of the tour even more.

For some tours of our new 2016-programme a 5 % ‘early booking discount’ applies.

For information about the actual special offers & ‘best value tours’ please contact us.

Contact us to know more about the actual special offers.

Simply fill in the enquiry form, and state ‘special offers’ in your query and we will call or email you back during office hours.


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